With the support of the Francas de Vendée, since 2012 the OSE manages a base of Mini camp Leisure Centre. Thus on the first 4 weeks of summer holidays, we welcome 4 groups of 15 to 20 children. Guided by Pascal Braconnier, they discover the environment through sport (walking, cycling and paddle, equestrian activities), games around the fauna and flora of the marsh, camping in the heart of the marsh…

«  Coming to the base of Nalliers is discovering nature differently. It will take courage to perceive, while hiking or canoeing, the clues that our friends of the marsh have drawn on the ground.

We’ll take the bikes and leave all day. You will only have to take out your compass and your map to find the shelters of these different species.

We will also contribute to the protection of the marsh through a huge crayfish fishery. At the end of this unforgettable moment, we will set up together our camp, in immersion in the marsh, under which we will spend the night.

After dinner, and if you still have strength, we will go for a stroll, to listen and discover the life of our friends at nightfall»


A dining and activity room, two sports halls located near (omnisport and dojo) to play or retreat in case of bad weather. Bicycles available; Maps of the territory and documentation on nature.



A space specifically dedicated for groups (entire complex), 4 large changing rooms and sanitary facilities.

Supermarket and bakery nearby.


Day per child: €13.5 for member groups (CCT + Les Francas).

€21 for non-members.

Contact us

Office Socio Educatif
19 rue du 19 mars 1962
85370 Nalliers
Person in charge : Pascal Braconnier