Summer vacation








Leisure reception of Jacques Prévert welcomes all school children from kindergarten to 11 years old during the school period with its two extracurricular receptions (within Nalliers and Chevrette) and during the school holidays. Qualified animators supervise the children according to the educational project in a playful way. The objectives set are based on autonomy, citizenship and cultural openness. It is important to create a link with the family, so you are invited to participate in the life of the Leisure Reception: during celebrations, parent/child vigils, and many other moments.

Supervision :
Childhood guidance: Gaëlle (graduated BPJEPS). The animators are: Gaëtan, Valentin, Elodie and Adeline in Nalliers bourg, Yohan for Chevrette. Temporary animators are hired according to the numbers during school holidays

Year-round animators graduated

Extracurricular hours of Nalliers on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (7h45 for Chevrette)

Vacation and Wednesdays hours reception Jacques Prévert

Reception of leisure activities:

School lunchtime Wednesdays: arrival possible until 12:30 and from 13:30 after the meal

Reception extracurricular :

Wednesday from 7:15 to 8:00.
Careful Chevrette location opening from 7h15 to 7h45 only on prior request.

Registration required for the morning and evening.


Leisure reception of Jacques Prévert
1 rue de la corderie
85370 Nalliers
+ 33
Director : Gaëlle Jules

Extracurricular receptionof Chevrette
School Les hirondelles
10 route de Saint Aubin, Chevrette
85370 Nalliers
+ 33
Out-of-schoo animator of Chevrette : Yohan Poupelin