Fees registration – Childhood

How to register:
Required and mandatory documents
> the annual information form completed on both sides (to be requested from the leisure reception), valid for 4 years. No need to redo a case if your child was enrolled in the summer of 2020.
> photocopy of vaccinations (in the health book).
> CAF Beneficiary number (for consultation of the family quotient),  or QF CAF attestation or MSA, or resource declaration.
> OSE membership (€5 per year and per household membership valid from 8 July 2019 to 05 July 2020)

The file must be complete before the first day of attendance.

Then to register your child on the activities you can use: the paper registration form, the mail, or The family portail.

Don’t know your family quotient? Click on this link


Fees registration – Youth

How to register anually :
The Youth reception is open to young people from 11 years (10 years for activities reserved for the Junior Loco) and up to 17 years.

To register for the Youth reception you must have:

• The annual membership in OSE: €5 per year per family,
The comleted registration form (if a form has been completed for 2019/2020, just come and revalidate it by signing it).
• Photocopy of vaccination certificates
• Since some activities are billed according to the family quotient, the beneficiary number or a family quotient certificate may be requested. Otherwise the highest rate will be charged.

Registration to activities :
Once the annual registration has been completed, young people can come to the Youth reception whenever they want. But for some activities, young people must register in advance, this is the case for outings, internships, evenings, camps…

Several solutions to do this :

Complete a registration form (the one in the activity booklet that simply needs to be checked off or a blank form)

Possible  method of payment :

– Cash
– Cheques
– Holiday cheques
Direct debit


Fees registration – Sport

Documents to be provided :

> Membership formfilled (if you have already filled one for the leisure reception this summer you will not have to do it again).

> A medical certificate of fitness for sporting activities.
> A photo of the child’s identity.


70€ /year and/ child for 2020/2021 + annual membership (if not already acquired with ALSH Jacques Prévert or Youth reception)

Reminder Membership: 5€ per year and per household, valid from July to June. Membership required to access all regular activities of the OSE (Leisure Centre, Youth Reception, Sports School, etc.)

Possible  method of payment :

– Cash
– Cheques
– Holiday cheques
Direct debit


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